Meteor.js first impressions

Continue to write and learn server javascript. Recently I had a chance to read “Discover meteor” book and would like to share my first impressions about meteor.js


When I first knew about meteor.js from their promo video it looked fantastic. But I understood that it’s too young. Recently I’ve got an email that they launch stable 1.0 version. And they kindly provide their book(although for a limited time). So I didn’t miss opportunity to grab and read it.

In the book they build a primitive copy of but it’s more than enough for demo application. Well you know it’s so nice to create test app from the book – everything (or almost everything) works as expected, there’s no pitfalls. Of course I understood that in real world I have a mess of questions. I also tried to create a few pages of some toy application. And frankly speaking(considering that I completely busy with my newborn daughters) I spent 2 weeks lol to create sign up page and profile view/edit page plus I tried to do image cropping that I described in my previous topic.

So let’s see what I liked and what I disliked.



  • Yes it’s really f.. incredibly fast. So if you compare it even with Angular.js  you’ll find angular a loser. Sometimes when you work with the app locally it looks unusually because of their update speed. It’s really reactive.
  • The other great thing that I really appreciate is an idea of isomorphic API. You write the code for backend and frontend in one place in one language. Again it’s very unusually to write code in such manner. And you need some practice and experience but so far it looks cool.
  • Although I have a minimum experience with meteor I think that eventually development speed could be faster than you use common server/side approach in virtue of meteor framework that gives you a lot of magic.
  • Meteor got funds and is developed really fast. I read articles about derby.js  and it looked more flexible. But looks like money gave a good push to develop meteor. Just compare star rating of derby and meteor or checkout contributors. While I play with meteor they pushed 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 updates.


  •  Age of framework. Still all packages are very young. And IMO is not stable. For example I tried to find some validation package. I found this one that a based on simple schema package of the same author
    doValidation1 = function doValidation1(obj, isModifier, isUpsert, keyToValidate, ss, extendedCustomContext) {
    OMG what is it. doValidation1, doValidation2, doValidation3… Dunno maybe this is just a temp fix. There are 2 files now. I didn’t digg too deep. But anyway such method names always scare me.
  • Most other issues I guess are consequence of first bullet. There’s no white paper of stable packages. All you have is star rating in atmosphere.js that still are very small. i.e. most packages either don’t have start or have 1-5 stars.
  • Be ready that even for the most common things you won’t have existed tools. Or you’ll need to spend much more efforts in comparison with you favorite language/framework. Check out this video how you can upload the file On other hand it was really interesting to see how you can send files using javascript on client and send it via chunks.
  • Since it’s too fast be ready to unusual effects 😉

Dunno will I have a chance to work on real projects but anyway I advise to check and play with it. It’s very interesting experience. Also I do believe that they continue to develop rapidly.




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