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#nastyBug Http Codes: Don’t play with me

Wanna tell you story how I spent a lot of time to fix one #nastybug.

I like to begin my story with intrigue 🙂

Right now I work on mobile app. I do backend side. And we have native iphone app. All was well until one day we started getting errors “request body stream exhausted” OR we just don’t have response from server and got timeout error. Try to google it and you won’t find quick answer what’s wrong. Initially we thought that something wrong with Content-Size. But no… it is clear that nothing is clear

I checked my logs everything is ok. I checked access and return error in json. We checking mobile app and it just doesn’t work.

Finally we started to check all the logs in app in server on mobile side. AAAAAND what we see server return json but with code 100 What the F. Code 100. And here I realized that I have custom error code like 1001, 1002 etc. Ok let’s check the code.

I think everybody how worked with yii and need to return something in JSON write functions like this.

    protected function _returnJson($data, $code = 200)
        $this->layout = false;
        header('Content-type: application/json');
        if ($code) {
            header("HTTP/1.1 {$code} " . $this->getHttpHeader($code));

        echo CJSON::encode($data);

     * Send json error
     * @param string $error
     * @param null $code
     * @param null $description
    protected function _returnJsonError($error = 'Sorry an error occurred', $code = 400, $description = null)
        $this->layout = false;
        header('Content-type: application/json');
        header("HTTP/1.1 {$code} " . $this->getHttpHeader($code));

        echo CJSON::encode([
            'errors' => [
                'code' => $code,
                'message' => $error,
                'description' => $description

I also wrote such functions at some point. And they “nomadize” from one my project to another. Do you see anything suspicious? Looks good to me.

And these functions have been working really good. Until I need to send specific error code. But STOP it’s too absolute different codes. HTTP code and my custom error codes. And there is no way to mix.

So I’ve reworked interface to

_returnJsonError($error = ‘Sorry an error occurred’, $internalErrorCode = null,
$description = null, $httpCode = 400)

This fixed all the problems. So be careful HTTP codes it’s not for kids 🙂