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Magento Extension

Want to share my new Magento extension that helps to get correct version of merged css and js files.

Advanced File Merger


When you set to merge js or css files in one – the main problem that magento do not check if file was really changed they check only file names. And even if you clear media/css files magento will re-generate merged css and js and content will be updated. BUT magento will also regenerate the same file name for updated files and browsers won’t know about changes and will use cached copy.

It’s so easy and I don’t know why do magento team missed so important issues.┬áMy extension will fix that problem.

Shortly – it checks files modification date and use them to get new merged name. So if file was changed we get other hashed name and browser will fetch new file.

Speed Up Login in Magento

I’m currently working on magento shop and decided to publish some my simple extension in store.

I did simple extension that show login popup dialog when user trying to add item to cart. In fact you have a handler that can show login popup when you need that. So you can use for any html element.

What benefit do we get. We make user to login faster and therefore we get user info one step faster. Then we can show special prices, promotional offers and others.

So how are interested are welcome to Magento Login Speed Up Extension